Caitlin Marco
By Caitlin Marco
Posted On July 24, 2017

Where You’ll Find tCell This Summer

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Summer is in full swing, and while most people are updating their out of office replies, we've taken some time to plot out where you can meet tCell this over the next few months!

Black Hat

July 26th-27th in the heat of the summer where else would we be but Las Vegas (?!) You will find us at Booth #1274 for the Annual BLACK HAT Conference at Mandalay Bay. Did you know it is the 20th anniversary for Black Hat? (holy smokes!) The year was 1997 a movie ticket was $4.50, a gallon of gas was $1.22 and Nintendo 64 was new… for a trip down memory lane visit the (still available) Black Hat speaker and presentation list. An argument could be made that many of the topics are still very relevant TWO DECADES later.

AppSec USA

September 19th-20th we’ll be at OWASP AppSecUSA 2017, the venue this year is Disney’s Coronado Springs in Orlando. Our own Boris Chen will be presenting at the show – his topic is titled: Black-Box Approximate Taint Tracking by Utilizing Data Partitioning - understanding the depths of the challenge in user-input handling, and how the challenge persists despite advanced techniques.

HOT TOPIC: Protecting applications through the browser.

If you are planning to attend Black Hat or AppSec 2017 – stop by our booth and ask us about our client-side instrumentation. Our (JS Agent) designed to protect against XSS, the only web defense vendor that provides visibility into what 3rd party content is being loaded in your application browser build AND provides a tool to implement and enforce a content security policy (CSP).

Better yet – if you will be attending reach out to us in advance to schedule a personalized demo at the show at info@tcell.io

We hope to see you there!