Caitlin Marco
By Caitlin Marco
Posted On November 30, 2017

Cover Your App - 4 Ways to Know the Risk of Your Applications

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They don’t call it the 80/20 rule for nothing. Nowadays, 80% of an application is built using 3rd-party code, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s hard enough to secure the development of your own code, let alone know the vulnerabilities in every language or framework across all applications. It raises the question, what other areas of the application do we not have visibility into and how much of that has a risk associated with it?

When getting a handle on assessing how much risk is associated with your company's applications, there are a few things to consider.Based on the research we conducted using our clients’ runtime application security data, we put together this infographic to share the 4 Ways to Know the Risk of Your Applications.

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