Boris Chen
By Boris Chen
Posted On September 08, 2017

To Compromise Instagram Accounts, Just Ask

Account Takeover | Application Security | Breaches | Hackers

In the spring of 1962, Alan Scherr was not a happy person. A PhD student at MIT, Scherr was working on performance simulations on the CTSS (Compatible.. Read More…
Blake Livingston
By Blake Livingston
Posted On May 10, 2017

Simplifying Account Takeover Protection

Account Takeover | Fraud | How Things Work | How-To

Account takeover (ATO) is difficult to prevent against because it can go unnoticed for years until a customer notices something is amiss. It’s tedious.. Read More…
Caitlin Marco
By Caitlin Marco
Posted On March 23, 2017

What's Stopping Account Takeover?

Account Takeover | Automated Bots | Fraud | Infographics

In a recent Gartner study, they discovered that bots created 59% of web traffic in 2016, 40% of those bots were malicious. We're also seeing this trend.. Read More…

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