Matthew Gast
By Matthew Gast
Posted On February 13, 2018

Coinhive: Making Other People’s Web Browsers Mine Cryptocurrency

Content Security Policy | Breaches

Over the weekend, we had a discussion at tCell about cryptocurrency, because there was a rash of stories about cryptocurrency mining being done through.. Read More…
Boris Chen
By Boris Chen
Posted On January 25, 2018

XSS Bug Reports Made Easy

How Things Work | Breaches | xss

When attackers compromise a website with XSS, it is important to understand what actually happened leading up to the exploit, as well as information on.. Read More…
Boris Chen
By Boris Chen
Posted On October 19, 2017

5 Wrong Lessons From Equifax, and the Missed Opportunity of OWASP

Application Security | Breaches | Owasp Top 10

Much ink has been spilled on the Equifax breach, along with plenty of (well-deserved) public excoriation of all responsible parties, starting from the.. Read More…
Boris Chen
By Boris Chen
Posted On September 08, 2017

To Compromise Instagram Accounts, Just Ask

Account Takeover | Application Security | Breaches | Hackers

In the spring of 1962, Alan Scherr was not a happy person. A PhD student at MIT, Scherr was working on performance simulations on the CTSS (Compatible.. Read More…

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