Matthew Gast
By Matthew Gast
Posted On October 11, 2018

Defending Against Magecart with CSP

Content Security Policy | Data Breach

  The current trendy attack against retailers is the use of scripts to skim credit card information, best known as a series of attacks by the Magecart.. Read More…
Matthew Gast
By Matthew Gast
Posted On February 13, 2018

Coinhive: Making Other People’s Web Browsers Mine Cryptocurrency

Breaches | Content Security Policy

Over the weekend, we had a discussion at tCell about cryptocurrency, because there was a rash of stories about cryptocurrency mining being done through.. Read More…
Wesley Hales
By Wesley Hales
Posted On November 15, 2017

Deploying CSP Properly

Application Security | How-To | CSP | Content Security Policy

Browser makers began implementing the Content Security Policy, or CSP specification back in 2011. Since then, many development teams and organizations.. Read More…
Garrett Held
By Garrett Held
Posted On April 27, 2017

3 Simple Ways to Approach Content Security Policy

Application Security | Content Security Policy | How Things Work

In the 2 previous posts about Content Security Policy, we talked about the main reasons why you need to get started with CSP and the common problems.. Read More…
Garrett Held
By Garrett Held
Posted On April 20, 2017

Content Security Policy: Newer CSP Directives & Common Problems

Application Security | Content Security Policy | DevOps | How Things Work

Content-Security-Policy (CSP) Versions 2.0 & 3.0 Content Security Policy is still very dynamic in its definitions. Reporting is handled differently and.. Read More…
Igor Ignatov
By Igor Ignatov
Posted On April 06, 2017

Intimate Thoughts on Clickjacking with Igor

Clickjacking | Content Security Policy | Intimate Thoughts with Igor

The clickjacking attack has been around for quite a while. A vulnerable application allows a malicious actor to load your web page in an iframe while.. Read More…
Garrett Held
By Garrett Held
Posted On March 30, 2017

Top 3 Reasons to Get Started with Content Security Policy

Content Security Policy | Cross-Site Scripting | How Things Work

Content Security Policy (CSP) was proposed to assist the browser in determining what elements are approved, both in the page and loaded via reference.. Read More…

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