Matthew Gast
By Matthew Gast
Posted On August 16, 2018

Analysis of the Ticketmaster Breach

Data Breach | CSP | Application Security | PCI

Although there have been a number of breaches in the last few weeks, the story around the breach at Ticketmaster is more interesting than most. It.. Read More…
Matthew Gast
By Matthew Gast
Posted On April 19, 2018

Should Security Teams Use CSP Nonces to Better Comply with PCI?

PCI | CSP | CSP Nonces | Application Security

This week, tCell sponsored BSidesSF. Many things I’ve heard about the conference proved to be true, and the technical depth of conversations I had at.. Read More…
Wesley Hales
By Wesley Hales
Posted On November 15, 2017

Deploying CSP Properly

Application Security | How-To | CSP | Content Security Policy

Browser makers began implementing the Content Security Policy, or CSP specification back in 2011. Since then, many development teams and organizations.. Read More…

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